Virtual Phone Bank Update

VPB Wireframe
Our original wireframe concept

Our Virtual Phone Bank tool needed an update to improve data-gathering. Here the user stories were focused around admin improvements (“I want to be able to determine detailed information about which number is best to contact a canvass target at”) but it was critical that we not damage the experience from the end user’s perspective. Since most phonebankers are untrained, discoverability was placed at a premium during this design.

Our earliest prototype explored the basic concept of allowing users to interact with these new numbers in a very guided way. As we moved through more prototyping rounds and conducted user testing with them, we explored alternate interactions, visual transitions to improve user understanding, and then dived into more specific discoveries around how to communicate how the user was moving through numbers and how to allow users to input new numbers.

The new version has been released to the public, and field observation has allowed us to make some small post-release tweaks that really polished things up. So far it has met with very positive feedback.

View the Final Wires for this Project (PDF).