Create-A-List Redesign

This sizeable project (and my first at NGP VAN) was a ground-up redesign of our “Create A List” tool is used in the Voter Activation Network. This tool allows people to create detailed segments from a massive source file (All registered US voters, for some clients) using a variety of powerful list parameters.

The tool was originally built around 2008, and was painfully in need of an update: The experience was slow, confusing, and not fault-tolerant. Users constructing a list couldn’t see how their changes were affecting their counts as they went, and couldn’t even see a summary of their criteria without going to another page. Making a mistake on one step of a multi-step search meant starting over, since there was no way to go back and edit earlier steps.

Early Wireframes

After going through the user stories with our PM, we started from this concept (pdf) based on the work of James Railey, our Director of UX. After a few revisions and some brainstorming on ways to improve the workflow and clarity, we ended up with this later design (pdf), ready to do some early user-testing.

Interactive Prototypes

We tested in two major rounds of prototyping. The first, using this prototype found a bunch of opportunities to improve.

After another two rounds of prototyping, we arrived at this design (pdf). After some negotiations with our development team it went into production, launching a few months later to overwhelmingly positive reviews by our customers.